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What do you work with?”

Work … what does work” actually mean? Difficult to say.

My definition is simple: it’s something that I get payed to do. So then the question becomes What do you get payed to do?” The answer is simple: I’m working as a lecturer at Umeå University teaching stuff related to programming + being the Director of Studies at the Department of Computing Science. Over the years I have taught a wide variety of subjects, for example:

  • Object oriented programming - typically Python or Java
  • Functional programming - typically Haskell
  • Imperative programming - typically C or Python
  • Software Engineering
  • Databases
  • Programming languages
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • System programming
  • Micro computers
  • Etc

I, of course, have my favorite subjects but as you can see I’m not really a specialist on any subject, rather I’m specialist at being a non-specialist. Or as one of my kids once said: You don’t know a lot about anything but you know a little bit about a lot of thing”. This is probably a fair description.

Once in a while I manage to squeeze in some research in my spare time and then I’m looking into how people learn to program. I find it quite interesting trying to understand how people think when learning to program - to be honest I find it very interesting to observe people and try to understand why people behave the way they do. This is not only related to learning to program but also how people behave in groups, etc.

Here are a few links to work related pages: