Friday Photowalk

I try to take a daily walk (or two) and while walking I usually listen to podcasts or audiobooks. One of my favorite podcasts is The Daily Photography Podcast - I highly recommend it if you’re into photography - and every friday there is the Friday Photowalk” episode where Neale James do a photowalk while reading/answering listeners emails.

I have of course heard about photowalks before but I have never attended one - living where I live partly explains it - but I thought a single person photowalk would work. So I decided to try it this morning while actually listening to todays episode. So here are some photos from today:

The sun hadn’t quite risen yet, 4 minutes to sunriseThe sun hadn’t quite risen yet, 4 minutes to sunrise

The village roadThe village road

Here comes the sunHere comes the sun

Further down the roadFurther down the road

Morning mistMorning mist

Spider netSpider net

One of the “puddles” on a mire (correct word??)One of the “puddles” on a mire (correct word??)

Some kind of … plantsSome kind of … plants

Morning sunMorning sun


The last green leafThe last green leaf

Pine forestPine forest

Wet leavesWet leaves

The abandoned barnThe abandoned barn

Different colorsDifferent colors

Morning colorsMorning colors

The pathThe path

Three colored treeThree colored tree


A house in the villageA house in the village