Experiencing US Air

I can’t say that I’m one of those persons who are constantly traveling. In fact I’m probably very modest in my travels with approximately 1 trip outside Sweden each year. That said, I have traveled with a number of different airlines - some which are really nice, some which are less nice.

Last week I had the opportunity to travel with US Air on 6 different flights, this was the first time I traveled with US Air and hopefully the last. I was amazed, of those 6 flight the crew on 5 were quite unfriendly and looked like we were disturbing them during work (they all looked angry) - some of my friends heard comments from the crew to other passengers that were quite unfriendly and you got the general feeling that you should be privileged that you were allowed to fly with them.

On the 6 hour flight across the US they didn’t offer any kind of free snacks, across the atlantic (8 hours) there was one movie (with bad sound and bad picture) that was shown to everyone (no individual video screens) - I don’t even remember when that happened the last time.

OK, in todays economic situation I don’t expect much, but this …it was actually very nice to get onboard the SAS plane for the final flight home - no free sodas or snacks but on a 50 min flight I don’t expect that - with a crew that was friendly and nice.

Next time I’ll make sure that I’m not traveling with US Air.