Losing my eye sight

A couple of days ago something quite frightening happened, I suddenly lost my vision on my right eye and I can tell you it’s really scary to suddenly not being able to see.

What happened that a couple of weeks ago I got a very light blow on my eye during practice, it wasn’t hard at all but for a few days after I couldn’t see those circular flashes” that are so typical for vitreous detachment” (this is what the dictionary says it called in English). I knew what this meant so I didn’t worry much, it continued like this for a few days and then they disappeared. Then 5-6 days later I was out driving the car when I suddenly saw something that best can be described as paint poured down in some liquid (not surprising since it was blood pouring” out in my eye - we’re talking drops of blood). I’ll try to describe how it looked like. This is how I, and most others, saw things before this happened.


And this was how it looked like when I was driving the car

The first signsThe first signs

When I finally could get out of the car this was how I saw things with my right eye

Limited visionLimited vision

Things got worse during the evening and later I saw even less

No visionNo vision

The morning after things had improved a bit, it was almost impossible to see anything in the middle” but there were areas where I could see stuff. It was like looking through some kind of cloth. For the next few days things improved and I could see more and more. It was still difficult/irritating trying to read something.

Better but …Better but …

On friday it had become much easier to see things, but still difficult to read or do similar stuff. On friday morning I had an appointment at the eye clinic where they discovered that there was three places where my retina had became damaged. In other words there was a chance of retinal detachment.


The first doctor said that they needed to do laser bonding” of my retina but that he wanted to consult with another doctor. She took a look but became a bit unsure if it was enough with laser bonding or if they needed to do actual surgery. So a third doctor was called in, the one with the most experience, which said that it would probably be enough to use the laser.

OK I said when are you going to do this?”, Now” was the answer. So I had to sit down and he got started right away. If you’ve never done laser bonding” before I can tell you that it’s a rather unpleasant experience. No, it doesn’t hurt and when they stop you get back to normal, or at least close to normal, within a couple of minutes. That’s the good part, the bad part is that it like having a strong flash fired a couple of hundred times at close range directly into the eye. That’s not that fun (but I much prefer it to going to the dentist).

Anyway, this is how my eye looked like when they were done

Sore eyeSore eye

The interesting part happened later in the evening, it was like a part of the fog” suddenly disappeared and I could see much clearer. It looks like more and more of the blood residue is absorbed by my body … I hope that almost everything will disappear but I’m very grateful that this much is gone.

Even betterEven better

Anyway, the only thing left for me now is to wait for the next examination to see if the laser bonding actually worked. Needless to say I’m not very fond of the alternative !!!

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